01 Nov


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Yo ravers! Get ready for a fiery collab! Pawlowski and VCL are uniting for a monumental B2B that will turn the dance floor upside down!

Grab your friends, lace up your sneakers, and brace yourselves for an avalanche of acid beats!

A pillar of the techno scene in Northern France, VCL is also a rising sensation on the global techno scene. His tracks such as “90’s Feeling”, “Stay Safe & Drink Water” and “Pure Madness” have captured the essence of rave energy with millions of streams worldwide, affirming his status as a pivotal force in hard acid techno. His flourishing career has seen him play on prestigious stages such as Verknipt, ADE, and beyond. A resident of the Atmosphere collective and a key member of the Rave Alert label, VCL continues to impress with sets that are not only an ode to the 90s rave spirit but also a bold vision of techno with acidic intensity. Expect VCL, the neo-rave prodigy, to continue to innovate, inspire, and lead the rave well into the future!