01 Nov


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✨Radically trailblazing, the master of Berlin hard techno Klangkuenstler is ready to blast the dance floor with his arsenal of destructive beats! His sets are like acid on metal: intense, corrosive, unforgettable! Maximum exhilaration guaranteed!✨

Klangkuenstler: The Master of Berlin Hard Techno! Klangkuenstler is an iconic figure in hard techno, whose career perfectly illustrates the innovation and constant evolution of the genre. This Berlin prodigy has transformed the influences of 90s and 2000s techno into a contemporary style that dominates festivals and underground clubs worldwide. He is a true pioneer who redefines the techno genre with every production. Founder of the labels Zuckerton Records and Outworld, his unique style, blending industrial elements and melancholic melodies, places him at the forefront of the genre. With notable performances at events such as “Les Nuits Sonores” and collaborations with renowned artists, Klangkuenstler has continuously expanded his influence far beyond Germany’s borders. A visionary you will keep hearing about!