01 Nov


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The electronic phenomena Creeds & Helen Ka are here to flip the game! Have you heard the interplanetary hit “Push Up”? Yes… and it’s these rave prodigies who are behind this phenomenon!

Get ready for a musical tsunami! And put on your sneakers, it’s going to get hot.

Creeds & Helen Ka, the rave prodigies, are reinventing the French hard dance scene with remarkable audacity! Melodies mingle with Hard Techno rhythms, all enhanced by Helen Ka’s voice. With over 300 compositions to his credit and a solid presence on prestigious labels like Ministry of Sound and Rave Alert, Creeds saw his success explode with the hit “Push Up,” which has amassed more than 250 million streams. His ability to transcend musical boundaries has earned him international fame, culminating in a remix proposal by Calvin Harris for his single “Miracle” in collaboration with Ellie Goulding. Today, Creeds has an average audience of around 9 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone and has accumulated billions of views on TikTok. Decidedly melody-focused, his unique style is imbued with all the nuances of electronic sound!

#PushUpPower #CreedsHelenKa