01 Nov


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Gladiator battle in a French first ! One of the pioneers of Raw Hardstyle, D-Sturb, and the spearhead of the new generation, Vertile, will clash in the Hard Music arena for a 100% unprecedented duel in France! A wild, fierce, and uncompromising show. Hardheadz, ready to fly hard?

D-Sturb is one of the pioneers of Raw Hardstyle. In the global hardstyle arena, few artists manage to stand out with as much power and originality as D-Sturb. Signed with End of Line Recordings, he has conquered the stages of the biggest festivals like Defqon.1, Decibel Outdoor, and EDC. He is also the creator of revolutionary hits such as “Wanna Stay” and “Break Free,” which have become anthems for a generation of ravers. He has made notable collaborations with artists like High Voltage and Warface, and has participated in ambitious projects like his recent album “Synchronised.” With his relentless kickrolls and boundless ingenuity, D-Sturb has quickly established himself as an essential figure in Raw Hardstyle. His stage presence is matched only by the power of his kicks. And D-Sturb is not about to give up his place at the top of Raw Hardstyle!