This year, Dream Nation offers two types of cashless payment options to make your life easier! You can either use the LYF PAY mobile app, which allows you to pay directly with your mobile phone, or use a cashless bracelet on site.

Result: 100% secure payment, greater transaction fluidity reducing wait times and the risk of loss or theft.


From October 31 to November 2, to provide you with a unique experience, you can pay using the free and 100% secure LYF PAY app and enjoy numerous benefits!

With it, you only need to present your smartphone at the cloakrooms, bars, and food trucks to pay for your purchases. So don’t hesitate and download it now!

  • Download the LYF PAY app for free.
  • Create your account and add your bank card. There’s no need to preload your e-wallet as the app is directly linked to your bank account.
  • Pay for your purchases directly with your mobile by presenting your QR code to the servers who will scan it.

BONUS: You can make instant payments between friends within the app: handy for covering rounds!

TIP: No network when you’re trying to pay? Switch to Airplane mode and enter the purchase amount in the app before presenting it to the bartender.



From October 31 to November 2, pick up a Cashless bracelet and top it up at the booths within the festival. When you visit the bar, simply present your bracelet to the servers who will scan it, and just like that, your purchase is paid for!

  • At the festival site, I pick up my cashless bracelet at the cashless booths and load it with the amount I want, either in cash or by bank card.
  • During the event, I pay for my purchases by presenting my bracelet to the servers who scan it.
  • When my bracelet’s balance runs out, I can recharge it at any time at the cashless booths.
  • Starting from the Monday after the festival, at 8:00 PM, you can request a refund to retrieve the remaining amount on your bracelet. To do this, you must create a cashless account by clicking here .
  • Note: You have until November 17 at 6:00 PM to make a refund request. Your balance must be over €2 to be eligible for a refund.



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