01 Nov


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When you think of Uptempo, think… Dimitri K! This young prodigy sets dancefloors on fire with his raw energy. Get ready for a tidal wave of piercing screeches and pounding kicks! A guaranteed energy boost!

Dimitri K is the current prodigy of Uptempo Hardcore! This innovative and bold artist, with undeniable talent, pushes the boundaries of the genre. At just 25 years old, this phenomenon has already established himself as an iconic figure in the global hardcore scene, thanks to his unique style marked by devastating kicks and piercing screeches. His tracks such as “Fresh New Kicks” and “Boombox” have become anthems, igniting dance floors with their raw energy. His journey is already paved with success, featuring collaborations with renowned labels and artists, and appearances at legendary festivals such as Defqon.1. This unstoppable force is on a rapid ascent, and great things are certainly in store for him in the future!