01 Nov


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Hey night owls! The masters of the rave, VCL and Pawlowski, are merging their acid techno vibes for a monumental B2B set.

Fans of hard-hitting beats will love their hypnotic acid lines, powerful kicks, and catchy melodies. This dynamic duo is set to ignite the dance floor!

A key figure in the French acid techno scene, Pawlowski boasts a unique blend of rave, trance, and neo-rave sounds. This mysterious artist, always seen wearing a black scarf and a hat, lets his music speak for itself, embracing an enigmatic identity that fascinates as much as it intrigues. His latest EP, “Finally Outsider,” signed to the prestigious KNTXT label led by Charlotte de Witte, marks a significant milestone in his career. This bold project oscillates between 145 and 170 BPM, navigating through dramatic soundscapes and mystical intros, demonstrating his ability to push the boundaries of acid techno to new heights. By founding the Atmosphère collective, Pawlowski has also proven his commitment to a free and nonconformist party vision, reinforcing his status as a leader in the revival of rave culture!