01 Nov


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Dive into the tumultuous universe of Lessss, the rising star of the techno rave scene! This hard girl makes a sensation with each appearance with her incendiary sets and wild beats.

She’s going to shake the walls and your hearts! Get ready to enter a zone of turbulence!

LESSSS is redefining the French techno scene with a bold mix of hard techno, schranz, and metallic influences. She has quickly climbed the ranks, marking her territory with memorable performances at iconic venues like Boiler Room and festivals such as Verknipt and Teletech. Her explosive set at Teletech Festival, captured by Boiler Room, has accumulated over 300,000 views, proving her impact and contagious energy. Her music is a fusion of power and finesse, characterized by throbbing basslines, devastating kicks, and a flair for sonic innovation. In 2024, LESSSS is set to conquer new horizons with performances scheduled at world-renowned festivals like Tomorrowland. Her passion for raw energy has catapulted her to the forefront of the European scene, making her one of the essential figures of the moment!