01 Nov


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Hey hardheads! Ready to unleash the beast? Hysta, the essential tornado of the hardcore scene, is coming to shake the dance floor with hard-hitting kickdrums! Unmissable!

Hysta is a phenomenon in the hardcore world, who has quickly risen to the status of an iconic figure in the genre. With a rapid ascent from raver to international performer, her heart, as she likes to say, “belongs to hardcore”. Her unconditional love for the genre and her contagious energy have enabled her to make a name for herself on the biggest international hard dance stages, like Masters of Hardcore, Dominator, Thunderdome, Tomorrowland, and Defqon.1. In 2023, she was ranked with eight of her tracks in the Masters of Hardcore top 100, demonstrating her impact on the industry. Her ability to blend nostalgic symphonies with impactful kicks in tracks like “Choose Life” and “Rulers of Chaos” shows her mastery of the genre and her constant innovation! Her latest show, “Dance with the Wolves”, is a bold exploration that redefines the limits of hardcore. Unmissable!

#HystaHardcore #DanceWithTheWolves