31 Oct


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The wildest gang from Saint Petersburg: Russian Village Boys! These kings of hardbass are landing in France for a mashup of beats without borders!

Their energy is contagious, their music relentless, and their show absolutely unforgettable. It’s a wild Russian fiesta! Put on your tracksuits, because it’s going to be some serious jumping!

Explosive, unhinged, and infinitely creative, the Russian Village Boys have stormed the electronic music scene with their unique blend of hardbass, jumpstyle, and Russian rave culture. Originating from Saint Petersburg, this dynamic trio continually elevates the rave experience to stratospheric levels with their raw energy and irreverent humor. Their virality exploded with the track “Cyka Blyat ft. DJ Blyatman” in 2018, accumulating over 30 million clicks on Spotify and YouTube. This success is not an isolated case; each musical release continues to attract millions of listeners, affirming their status as a global phenomenon. They are the standard-bearers of a culture that celebrates the absurd, the festive, and the extravagant, at the forefront of hard dance music. Each show transforms the dance floor into an ecstatic party zone where the audience is invited to fully immerse themselves in the RVB madness.

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