31 Oct


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🚨 Alert all rave lovers! Le Wanski is coming to Dream Nation for an exclusive performance in France this year! A mystery of the current rave scene, his universe blends hardtek with psytrance and tribe.

This is THE show not to miss – a unique chance to see him again. Mark your calendars, lace up your best sneakers, it’s going to be epic!

Le Wanski is one of the last mysteries of the current rave scene. Creator of a unique style, he captivates with melodies that blend melancholy with joy, fear with amazement, in a splendid musical mix ranging from hardtek to psytrance and tribe. Hailing from Rennes, this prodigy has captivated audiences worldwide with his sound signature that transcends traditional genres. His compositions like “Tarte à la myrtille”, “Bella Ciao”, and “M.U.S.H.” totaling millions of streams on Spotify are praised for their ability to plunge the listener into an auditory journey where rhythmic pulsations meet quirky melodies. In 2024, his one-off performance in France at the Dream Nation festival is already anticipated to be memorable!

#LeWanskiLive #OnceInAYear