31 Oct


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Ready to be blown away by Jacidorex? The master of acid techno is set to shake the walls with his unique Neoacid style. The bass will rumble, and the synths will scream! The perfect chaos on the dancefloor!

Jacidorex: A Pillar of the Techno and Acid Scene!** In the dynamic landscape of electronic music, Jacidorex stands out as a key figure and pioneer of the techno and acid scene. Founder of Neoacid, his trademark is a sub-genre that blends all forms of acid, industrial techno, and dark electro. His productions go beyond the usual acid bangers with finely crafted tracks, old-school influences, and punchy reverb kicks, exemplified by his famous track “Abyssal Kick.” This talented Brussels native has succeeded in bringing Acid to the forefront of more conventional stages within just a few years. The series of releases on his Neoacid label has boosted his popularity, allowing him to perform every weekend at the biggest clubs and festivals across Europe. Fans of acid-laden and hypnotic soundscapes, you will be thrilled!

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