31 Oct


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Attention, techno earthlings! Welcome to the wildly eccentric universe of Roland Cristal! The craziest lo-fi techno genius of all lands at the festival for a night where madness reigns supreme!

He’ll flex your smile muscles with his insane productions. This is the Roland Cristal experience: delirious, unhinged, and absolutely addictive!

Watch out, Roland Cristal is a bit (a lot) nutty! This French prodigy of lo-fi techno is a quintessential DIY (Do It Yourself) artist, drawing inspiration from diverse influences like the humor of Salut c’est cool, the vehemence of Mr. Oizo, and the cold, streamlined efficiency of Kraftwerk. His live performances immerse you in his eccentric world where humor and satire converge in a total party zone. This extraordinary artist promises not only to work out your legs but also to make you smile with lyrics and beats that are simply crazy. Besides his live acts, Roland Cristal has produced notable EPs such as his “Medieval Techno EP” and an ocean-themed album. He is currently preparing a new opus for early 2024, whose theme remains a secret but will undoubtedly continue to push the boundaries of his distinctive musical style.