31 Oct


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Prepare for a close encounter of the third kind! Graviity, the alien who has captured Earth’s heart with his electro vibes, invites you on an intergalactic trip enhanced by Hardtek rhythms, guitar riffs, and progressive Trance sounds. A night in orbit guaranteed!

GRAViiTY is an extraterrestrial artist who landed on Earth six years ago. Since then, he has been creating and experimenting with different styles of music, and also delving into video art to transport us to various universes. On stage, he juggles between the guitar, the launchpad, and the crystall ball (a controller with five motion sensors). He performs live with dynamic music that blends Trance melodies and Hardtek rhythms, which he defines as ALiEN Progressive! Featured at the biggest festivals around the globe, from Brazil to Europe to India, he shares the stage with top DJs. His music videos, some reaching 10 million views, serve as alerts to humans to raise awareness about the dangers facing our world. Who is he? Where does he come from? What is he searching for? The truth is out there, and he invites you to discover it on stage for a third-type encounter.