31 Oct


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🚀🎶 Ready to take off with Avalon? This trance magician is taking us beyond the stars once again! 🌌

Pioneers of the English psytrance scene, his hyper-electric and rhythmic Full On sends you straight into space! So, are you ready to dive into a new cosmic adventure?

From his underground British roots, Avalon has become one of the most important and sought-after artists on today’s PsyTrance scene. This psytrance wizard is one of the top hitmakers of the moment, regularly ranking on the world’s biggest electronic music platforms, including Beatport. With a career spanning over a decade, Avalon has not only released hit tracks but has also collaborated with psytrance luminaries such as Tristan, Astrix, Ace Ventura, and Vini Vici, headlining major festivals like Ozora, Tomorrowland, and Boom, to name a few. His energetic performances consistently transport dancefloors to new psychedelic universes. Join us to celebrate Avalon, a true pioneer whose rhythms beat at the heart of the psytrance movement!