02 Nov


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Attention, family! Parfait, co-founder of the Possession collective, is back! Originator of those famous liberating techno gatherings, she doesn’t shy away from going all out.

One motto: Higher, stronger, faster, to the extreme edge! Indulge without moderation, arms in the air, and with a smile ☺

Parfait is a seminal figure in the new generation of the techno scene. As a DJ, producer, and co-founder of the Possession collective, she is known for her sets that skillfully blend hard techno, acid, and trance. From her early days, she captured attention in alternative parties of the LGBT+ community. Her career took a significant leap when she co-founded the Possession collective, organizers of inclusive and liberating parties, becoming a must-attend event for techno enthusiasts! In 2019, she performed a livestream for Boiler Room and Possession that catapulted her fame internationally. Her sets, never dipping below 140 BPM, are a bold exploration of the boundaries of techno, hard dance, and industrial trance, making her a pioneer of the genre.

#TechnoRevolution #FeelTheVibe