02 Nov


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The queen of industrial techno, Paula Temple, invites you to a nocturnal mass!

A pillar of European techno nights, this high priestess will lead you into a hypnotic ritual, where every drop is a spell and every beat an incantation!

Paula Temple, dubbed the “queen of industrial techno,” is an iconic figure in the international techno scene. Since the early 2000s, this British artist has stood out for her commitment to music that defies conventions and norms. In 2019, Paula released her debut album “Edge of Everything” under her own label, Noise Manifesto. The album is a bold exploration of industrial techno, with themes ranging from climate change to social activism, perfectly illustrating her view of music as a tool for change and social reflection. With legendary performances at festivals like Nuits Sonores and Berghain, and a significant presence on renowned labels like R&S Records, Paula Temple continues to push the boundaries of techno, making her one of the most innovative and respected artists of her generation with her unique style!

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