02 Nov


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Hey techno-heads! Maestro Charlie Sparks is set to take you on a new journey with his contagious energy, industrial vibes, and tangy grooves.

On the agenda: a night of pure delirium with hard-hitting beats and resonating bass!

Charlie Sparks is a dynamic and rising force on the global techno scene. Hailing from London, this innovator has captivated fans with his unique blend of acid and industrial techno, crafting grooves that electrify dancefloors! His productions, characterized by intense energy and an immersive atmosphere, have caught international attention. Tracks like “Welcome To London” and “Tatakai” have amassed millions of listens, while his EP “Be Quiet” has established his reputation as a top-tier producer. He has performed at iconic venues and prestigious festivals such as Awakenings and Rotterdam Rave, proving that his music is not just heard—it’s truly experienced.

#TechnoThunder #FeelTheSparks