31 Oct


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🌟🔊 Hey space ravers, get ready for a cosmic ride with Unlogix!

With his interstellar vibes bridging trance and techno, this French prodigy is wreaking havoc wherever he goes, and it’s total fire!

Originally from the south of France, Unlogix is the new prodigy of the French trance scene. Now, at just 26 years old, Unlogix is not only a renowned producer with nearly 50 million listens on streaming platforms but also the founder and director of Solem Records. His unique style blending progressive trance and techno has earned him an international reputation, allowing him to perform at the most prestigious festivals. In 2023, with the release of his first solo album “Infinite Universe,” he does more than produce music; he creates a true sonic journey for his listeners, inviting them to explore the depths of trance from a fresh perspective.