02 Nov


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🛸 EARGASM GOD The UFO from Poland, Eargasm God, takes over the decks! A rave phenomenon par excellence! Always with a 90’s vibe, this free spirit pushes techno eclecticism to the max. With him, there are no rules!

Straight from the Polish lands, the talented Eargasm God has rapidly ascended from Polish clubs and events like Wixapol and Hardwagon to the most prestigious events in Europe. Emerging from the “DIY Soundcloud” generation of producers who freely release new tracks via the platform, he proudly waves the flag of his “strip club music,” blending techno, Eurotrance, and Early Hardstyle. His debut EP “Alkaline” and other hits like “Medicine” have received numerous accolades and support from renowned artists such as Randomer, Amelie Lens, Cera Khin, and Ellen Allien. Since then, he has been continuously booked, with highly acclaimed performances, notably at Razzmatazz in Barcelona during his Boiler Room set. Dance, laugh, or cry, but you’ll never regret it!